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Sandhaya R Vaish is a young & aspiring artist, who loves to capture nature through brush and colors. She has successfully organized 36 painting exhibitions so far, appreciated by dignitaries including President of India. Her art is about relationships formed by humans with nature. It is integral to us. She says her work is not about depressing and sad thing. There are enough people, already doing it.

She has organized a week-long exhibition of her paintings – solely on lovely nature - at Open Palm Court Art Gallery at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi – 110003, on December 31st The exhibition depicting 36 oil and acraylic paintings will showcase nature’s all colors – rain forests, snow capped mountains, green jungles, deserts, rivers, oceans, and flora and fauna. It will be my eighth solo exhibition – all of them focused on earth planet’s beautiful and mind-blowing ‘shirishti’ around which every living being’s life revolves.

She is a 36-year-old native of Uttrakhand, born and brought up in the famous engineering hub of Roorkee, just short of India’s most respected religious destination, Haridwar. She has learnt art and painting’s first lines in the lap of her father, Dev Dutt Vaish. Without his support, She would not have found space on the vast canvas of the country’s art world.

Her formal training in an art institution took place in Roorkee’s ‘Kala Angan’. Once she stepped out of this famous school of art of the hilly state of Uttrakhand, I never looked back. As she is an ardent fan of beautiful nature’s spectrum, her all exhibitions were devoted to it. All her events were under the banner of ‘NATY’ – the name itself spell out various movements of our ‘prakriti’.

She need your blessings and support to make this exhibition a unique one. She shall be grateful if you can space some time from your bury schedule to be with me during the exhibition. Your presence will boost my morale, and it will also encourage nature activists like me at this crucial moment of our universe that is facing a global warming threat.




2016 Sant Nischel Singh Pub. School Yamuna Nagar

2015 Sant Nischel Singh Pub. School Yamuna Nagar

2012 Pratibha Samman Award as an Artist Jiya Production 25th July

2011 Pratibha Samman Award as an artist Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies, Delhi

2009 Mahanayak Award by Tecnia Institute Delhi

1999 National Welfare Association Up

1994 Kala Angan School of Art Roorkee 1st Prize

Art Camp:

2015 Organized by Lalit Kala Akademi at Nirbhaya in Dec.

2013 Organized by Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi at Brahma Kumari Ashram, Mount Abu

2009  2015 Organized by Ramjas School PUSA Road, New Delhi

Solo Show:

2017 Convention Foyer Habitat Centre New Delhi

2016 Bajaj Art Gallery Mumbai

2013 India Habitat Centre Open Palm Court, New Delhi


2010 India Habitat Centre Convention Foyer, New Delhi

2010 India Habitat Centre Open Palm Court, New Delhi

2009 All India Fine Art and Crafts Society, New Delhi

2008 Press Club of India, New Delhi

2007 All India Fine Art and Crafts Society, New Delhi

2007 Academy of Fashion and Design (AGD) Delhi.


2017 The Art Worms at Open Palm Court, Habitat Centre, Delhi

2016 Exhibition of Paintings at MP At Art Mart Festival

2105 Exhibition of Paintings at Sant Nischel Singh School Yamuna Nagar

2014 Artizen Gallery Pyarelal Bhawan Delhi

2013 Brahmama Kunmari Ashram Abu Road By Lalit Kala Academy

2012 All India Fine Arts And Craft Society New Delhi

2010 Group Show at Ashoka Hotal, New Delhi

2009 NIV Art Centre New Delhi

2008 France Embassy through KHUSHI NGO

2008 Arpana Kaur Gallery New Delhi


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